1999 Nigerian Constitution

Constitution of Nigeria

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Administration of the Federal Capital territory, Abuja. Functions of a Local Gov ernment Council. Works eligible for copyright. Restriction on and derogation from fundamental human rights.

Taxation of incomes, profits and capital gains, except as otherwise prescribed by this Constitution. The conference drafted the terms of a new constitution. Without prejudice to the generality of the provisions of section of this Constitution, in its application to the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, this Constitution shall be construed as if-. The Council shall have power to advise the President on matters relating to the defence of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Nigeria.

Restriction of importation of printed copies. Copyright in works of government, State Authorities and international bodies. The Legislature is equally found at the Federal and State levels.

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Admirably, this administration rose up to the occasion. States of the Fed eration. Code of Conduct for Public officers. Order for inspection and seizure.

Appointment of President and Justices of the Court of Appeal. Subject to the provisions of this Constitution, the National Assembly may by an Act make provisions for -. Repeals and transitional, etc. Reference of questions of law.

Constitution of Nigeria

Extent of Federal and State Legislative powers. Provided that the period specified in a notice under this subsection shall not exceed five years and shall not exceed beyond the end of the period for which the copyright is to subsist. The National Economic Council shall comprise the following members -.

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NigerianNews Nigerian News Portal Unbridled and UnAfraid

Functions of a Local Council. In a new constitution was approved by Westminster and promulgated in Nigeria. Nothing herein shall prelude a House of Assembly from establishing or making provisions for an institution or other arrangement for the purpose of scientific and technological research.

Federal Character Commission. Obasanjo Yar'Adua Jonathan Buhari. We the people of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. First ownership of copyright.

The National Security Council shall comprise the following members -. Census, including the establishment and maintenance of machinery for continuous and universal registration of births and deaths throughout Nigeria. Protection of expressions of folklore.

INEC Nigeria Independent National Electoral Commission

Pensions, gratuities and other-like benefit payable out of the Consolidated Revenue Fund or any other public funds of the Federation. In this Part of this chapter, unless the context otherwise requires -.

Fourth Nigerian Republic

Powers of the national assembly with respect to political parties. Provided that the head of a public corporation or of a university or other parastatal organisation may, subject to the rules and regulations of the body, accept a loan from such body. The Federal High Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction for the trial of offences or disputes under this Act. Size of Senatorial districts and Federal constituencies. Prohibition of political activities by certain associations.

Given this struggle, the British gave some concessions to Nigerians. Nigerians are, therefore, now strongly determined, more than ever, ke ha die young to lay a solid foundation for an enduring democracy that would be the pride of future generations of Nigerians. Establishment of the Nigerian Copyright Council.

The ban on political activities was lifted, and political prisoners were released from detention facilities. Jurisdiction of state courts in respect of federal causes. Appointment of the Director and other staff of the Council. Time when alteration of senatorial districts or Federal constituencies takes effects.

The establishment and regulation of authorities for the Federation or any part thereof -. Procedure for proclamation of state of emergency.