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Seemed to be made on a lower budget in comparison to other titles. The mental fencing between Aman and Arjun was quite nice.

Danny gets a bit jealous, and Shirani gets closer to telling Anu about Shirani and Danny. All in all, a complete flop. Trivia Last film of Dharmesh Darshan.

Aap ki khatir mere dil Ka jahan hain haazir Apne sare arman Kar du main zaahir Kar du main zaahir. She tells Aman to go away but Kunal who thinks of Aman as a friend convinces him to stay for his sake Aap ki khatir.

Theatrical release poster. Everybody loves beautiful Alisha and it's no surprise that nerdy Abhay loves her too but she doesn't know he exists until years later their paths cross. The less said about the others the better. When Anu finds out about Danny's relationship with Shirani, she breaks down knowing that everyone knew even Aman but didn't tell her.

Sunil shetty tries to be funny but bores. Priyanka Chopra looks quite pretty, but her acting seems to get weaker, perhaps she needs to focus on what movies to choose.

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Was this review helpful to you? Anu reacts with Aman in an unfriendly way but later they form a friendship that in time turns into love. Perhaps this will work out? As time passes by, Aman finds Anu fascinating and later it develops into a fondness between the two. Anu gets drunk, and things proceed between her and Aman, but not too far.

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Shirani decides to tell Kunal, who is furious at Danny. When Shirani tells Kunal about Danny, he is heartbroken and chases Danny away. But only from the three aforementioned actors. Aman talks Kunal off the ledge.

Suniel Shetty should quit movies, he spoils the film even more by trying to be funny. Of the rest less said the better. Anu's parents convince her to go after Aman but she is too late as he has already left. Anu becomes more impressed with Aman. He agrees and makes Kunal realize that he and Shirani are also meant to be together and to marry Shirani.

Anupam Kher is Sincere and so is Lillete Dubey. There are introductions all around. He says good-bye to Betty, who still rather likes him. The lead actor was sufficient with his limited role however, not enough was done to build up to the climax or even build up the relationships between the actresses.

In order to regain the appreciation of her ex-boyfriend Danny, she hires Aman to act as her date, just for the wedding. Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. Arjun Khanna Anupam Kher is the father of Shirani. Arjun Anu's step-father gives Aman quite a grilling about how they met, when they met, how they got to know each other. Still, the story moved along well, and the exposition of motivation was fine.

In the evening, he's leaving with his suitcase. Anu has fallen in love Danny Grover, and both are expected to marry soon. He came to the wedding for Shirani, and that's not working out.

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Shirani and Aman talk, while Danny tries to sweet talk Anu. The women play cards and discuss all the relationships. Plus there is an outdoor cookout. Years later both daughters have grown up and are of marriageable age. Kunal begs him to stay, and gives him the key to his cottage.

This was followed by a musical number. The only problem is half the time Bollywood Movies manage to entertain the audience even if it has copied a Hollywood Movie. She finds the money she paid Aman instead of Aman. Aman shows up, not dressed up, still prepared to leave.

Trending Hindi Movies and Shows. Please don't kill your intellect watching this sad mess of a movie. Danny and Anu attempt to finish their talk afterward. Of course, many secrets will be revealed if this is anything like The Wedding Date.

Aap Ki Khatir (2006) MP3 Songs

Anu is going from India to step-sister Shirani's wedding in London. He travels to the United States seeking greener pastures, where he meets the beautiful Anna. Sunil Shetty doesn't have much role to play but couldn't do that also which is a Pity.

Aap Ki Khatir - HINDIRAGA

Inspite of giving a heartfelt performance he also cant save this Picture from being a disaster. Arjun couldn't be happier as he is now able to see both his daughters along with their respective beaus.

Aap Ki Khatir MP3 Songs Download

He thus embarks on a journey through love, looking through twelve girls to find the one who fits his horoscope. He decides to re-marry widowed Betty, who also lives in London with her daughter, Anu. She demands that he leave, and he sets about to do this. Currently, her roles seem to favor that one dimensional role of innocent, yet intelligent, independent woman see Barsaat. This would have been more peaceful, but less truthful.


It turns out that Danny had used Kunal to get to Shirani and he believes that they can still be together. Yes a typical bollywood film with the guy getting the girl and all ending happily but nonetheless it was fun, heart warming and some bits were even funny. But the man in the photograph is not the king but his most loyal slave, the handsome but mute Shankar.

That evening at a dance party, Aman sings and dances with Nikki and other women at the party. Danny, the wolf in the fold, arrives late, but is an important piece in the web of inter-relationships. Anupama Chopra of India Today titled it as Out of steam and concluded that it is a move from wedding to divorce stories by Bollywood. Himesh Reshammiya, Akshaye Khanna.

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