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The dictionary is intended for a wide audience - students, postgraduates, teachers, translators, engineers, technologists, scientists as well as administrative and managerial staff and entrepreneurs. In addition to common words, the dictionary contains main terms used in contemporary science and technology as well as words denoting facts and realities of working, cultural and social life. We activated fuzzy search for translation from other apps.

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The English-Russian Dictionary of Telecommunications. Forget about misprints during translation!

The Dictionary is based on the latest French monolingual dictionaries and includes all the words from Petit Robert and Petit Larousse, the best single-volume French dictionaries. The Ukrainian-Russian Dictionary.

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ABBYY Lingvo Dictionaries 4.8.6 APK

It contains detailed language and cultural notes throughout. The Dictionary also includes idiomatic phrases and provides illustrative sentences and word combinations. All American dictionaries use an easy-to-use respelling system to show how entries are pronounced.

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It may also prove useful to Spanish-speaking students of Russian from Latin America. The selected vocabulary reflects modern language use and phraseology of contempopary fiction, mass media and oral speech in Spain and Latin America. New German spelling rules are used in this edition.

You can disable app notifications in settings. Detailed treatment is given to terms relating to accounting, contacts, law, etc. Menus of restaurants from different parts of the world were used in creation of the Dictionary. The lexical core of the Russian language is also given its due place.

The inclusion of the most frequent word forms and labels make it suitable for learners of Finnish or Russian. The Dictionary is intended for a general readership. The coverage in all areas is wide and international. Trite expressions are stylistically labeled, translated into Russian and provided together with the description of their usage prerequisites. The Dictionary is intended for students, graduate students, teachers, translators, engineers, technologists, scientists, as well as for managers and business owners.

ABBYY Lingvo Dictionaries 4.8.6 APK

The Dictionary includes the names of Chinese dishes, definitions of culinary terms, and the names of European dishes that have been adopted by the Chinese. Italian-Russian Law Dictionary. The Dictionary contains the words in common use in the Spanish-speaking countries of Latin America. The Dictionary is intended for a broad professional readership. It includes not only words which belong to standard Spanish as spoken in Latin America but also colloquial, demotic, and slang words and expressions.

Special attention has been given to grammar. Medvedev The compiler of this Dictionary, A. Russian-english diplomatic dictionary. Moreover, the Dictionary includes names of ingredients, food products, terms for cooked products and concoction, catering and serving. Illustrative material points at typical lexical, structural and grammatical differences between the two languages.

LingvoUniversal can be successfully used to translate texts from English into Russian, 2011 tamil video songs and to write texts in English. The Italian-Russian Medical Dictionary.

For French translations, the compilers have relied on the latest French dictionaries. Compared to the first edition, the number of words in this volume has grown two-fold.

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Larousse - Spanish basic dictionary. The New French-Russian Dictionary. The dictionary reflects changes in sports terminology associated with the influx of English words into this realm. Securities and stock markets are a major source of finance for various sectors of the economy, including enterprises.

This dictionary is a part of a dictionary series of Russian idioms translated into foreign languages. Takk skal ha Barbro og Torgeir Hegland, mine venner i Norge som hjalp mye med boka mi. The compilers have remained faithful to the principles laid down by L. The Dictionary includes many terms related to world religions and cultures. The word list also includes proper names, names of historical figures, heroes of myths and legends, Biblical characters, characters from fairytales, and names of important objects of art.

The Dictionary has been compiled to meet the needs of users with different levels of language skill. The dictionary is intended for lawyers, teachers, students, postgraduates of law universities and research fellows. Besides, the Dictionary includes terms from psychology-related fields of knowlenge physiology, medicine, anatomy, philosophy, logic etc. The dictionary is meant for students, postgraduate students, instructors, translators, and researchers.

Besides, the Dictionary contains names of diseases, herbs, terms from surgery, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, paediatrics, oncology, narcology, legal medicine, etc. It focuses primarily on English law and provides a one-stop source of information for any of the many countries that base their legal system on English law. It will be very useful for all specialists working on international construction projects.

ABBYY Lingvo Dictionaries for iOS Android & Windows Phone

Headwords are provided with grammar labels. Comprehensive Russian-Kazakh Dictionary of Economics. This is an impression of the edition. Some fields of the scientific vocabulary, not related to the technical area Agriculture, Botany, Biology, Archeology and Astronomy are also presented in the dictionary.

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