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Versatile cheerleaders should be able to fill any job they are needed in and will be an asset to their squad. For those who are unable to provide a link in return for free clipart, clarendon bt font please complete the secure order form to access clipart.

We are working, however, on getting some new resizable clipart added and we'll notify the paid members once we have it online. Show your cheerleading spirit with custom cheerleading t-shirts and cheerleading sweats!

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Each year the seniors lead this fundraiser for the cheerleading program. It is probably the most sought-after position in cheerleading in that it offers the thrill and exhilaration of gracefully flying through the air and becoming the center of attention. Your support helps pay for the cost of the server space for the clipart. We are located in Wrangell Alaska! Keep eye contact with the crowd.

By trying other positions you'll gain a better understanding of the responsibilities involved in each. Copy and paste the following code. That is where the majority of your strength should come from. Clip art for use on tees and more sophisticated projects. This was unlike any episode we've seen before.

Timing, as with other positions, is also important. Our love of the royals doesn't stop at closed doors, so when we heard the Cambridges held a private audience this week, we had to do a bit of digging. We used CustomInk for our Senior shirt this year! Sports Yahoo Canada Sports. Do not redistribute these graphics or include them in any other collections or archives without the prior written consent of DanceCheer.

Commercial use is strictly prohibited. As you can see, it takes a very special person to fill the position of spotter and the importance of this position should never be underestimated. Please note that this clipart is not able to be resized, but is sold in the sizes as shown. Under the right circumstances, anything is possible.

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You'll also need a good sense of timing. Celebrity Yahoo Lifestyle. Try crowdfunding with Custom Ink and raise awareness for your cause. No flyer can go up or come down safely without bases or spotters. Moreover, you must trust your teammates and them you.

And don't forget to smile and have fun! Spotters assist the flyer into the stunt but are not the primary support. So, be prepared and alert at all times. Moscow, Moscow Federal City. By catching the head and neck, the spotter can prevent the most serious of injuries.

Find out which position fits you best with this breakdown

Find out which position fits you best with this breakdown

Text links will not be accepted. The base in cheerleading serves as the foundation of the stunt. If there is one position in a cheerleading stunt that is the most important, it is the spotter or scoop. Copyrights will be strictly enforced. Use your arms - You should be able to hold your own weight.

Top Cheerleading Positions Flying Basing and SpottingCheerleading Clipart and GraphicsFree Cheerleading Clipart - Clip Art Pictures - Graphics - Illustrations

All stunting should be done to a count. The camp was a hit as well as the shirts. Regardless of what you call it, this position refers to the person who gets lifted or thrown into the air. Know you can do it because if you don't think you can, you probably won't. All requests for clipart by non-website owners must be sent via the secure order form, and your process will be requested after payment is received.

Without bases, the flyer wouldn't go up, as it's the base's job to lift or throw the flyer. It should progress from your legs to your shoulders and then your arms.

Meet our team, find out why Fortune magazine named us a great place to work, or get in touch if you think we should be partners. Resale use is strictly prohibited, and use of graphics in other graphic exchanges is forbidden. Stay as stiff as you can and let your bases help balance you. If you would like to donate clip art, I will be glad to give credit and a link to your graphics web page or email.

If anyone is to hit the ground, it should be the spotter. Practice synchronicity without a flyer actually going up to avoid injuries.

Don't push out with your legs, this could spread your bases apart. If the flyer knows she will be caught, she can focus more on her flying technique. Whenever possible, the spotter should keep in contact with the flyer. Being on the move today lifts your spirits, especially if youre accompanied by an adventurous friend. Being a spotter sometimes called third base is no easy task.

Their role in stunting is huge and should never be taken lightly. We're in your neighborhood! Stay tight - Keep your hips and thighs tight pinch a penny.

Free Sports Clipart - Clip Art Pictures - Graphics - Illustrations

Free Sports Clipart - Clip Art Pictures - Graphics - Illustrations

Please do not email for permission until after you have placed the required graphic link on your website and checked that it is working. With that out of the way, you can concentrate on what needs to be done. Everyone in a stunt should know what to do and when to do it.

This not only helps balance the stunt, but it will make the flyer feel more confident and secure. And well-rounded cheerleaders can step in wherever they're needed. Only the coach or person calling the stunt should talk.

When you try out for the team, you'll know what to expect before your competition does. The responsibility of preventing injury to the flyer rests on the spotter's shoulders or, rather, in her arms.

With this breakdown, find out which role best suits you. The fans wanted to be uniform and show our support for the team! The spotter and bases should also catch the flyer at the highest point possible. Safety should be your top priority.

Spotters usually are the people who call everything during a stunt. This is a collection of graphics from my software and free graphics web sites. The bureau discloses correspondence it had in the s with an organization that conducted research about the purported human-like creature. And although weight and height might play a part in what role you fill on a team, it is your ability and skill that should ultimately determine your position. Reproduction in part or in whole without written permission is prohibited.