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This story does not choose a political side and push propaganda, like so many other stories and history textbooks do. The likelihood of you having to seriously answer any of those questions is hopefully slim to nil. What effect do they have on the overall atmosphere of war?

War may be captivating, but it is also hell. Excellent intro to the civil war and issues on border states. Kyle's Across Five Aprils Booklist. But if I hev to fight, I reckon it will be fer the South.

So take a look around at your family. Then, after a rash act of youthful rebellion, he leaves his family behind and vows to succeed on his own. And while I say that the right ain't all on the side of the North, I know jest as well that it ain't all on the side of the South either. He is a boy growing up in a farm in Illinois who watches his older brothers be enlisted in the war. Bill was a character anyone could relate to.

Across Five Aprils (Audiobook) by Irene Hunt

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By Irene Hunt

The setting was also v This is the only book I have read that captures the reality of the Civil War in a gripping, astounding story. An eager boy, an impetuous girl, and, above all, the healing power of nature. It tells the events but doesn't show the results of those facts. Like the town they live in, most are pro-Union, but one of them sides with the Confederacy, and so he and the family suffer. Too much exposition and description.

These are the classic ingredients that fill Virginia Sorensen's Newbery Award-winning novel with a tender power and lift it to classic status. And I was happily surprised. More than you probably think. But Chris has no doubts, he would fight for the Confederacy.

In other words, Across Five Aprils is less absolute fiction and more fiction-ish. So glad to have found it on audio. If your family is studying the Civil War, myob full version for mac I highly recommend this book. This book shows us in a moving and sympathetic way the effects of the American Civil War on a farming family in southern Illinois. So to say I hated this book was an understatement.

This is one of the most boring books I have read. It's not even interesting and I didn't learn anything from it. Now it's officially established that the events told throughout the book didn't actually happen, right? However, I feel like it could have been more emotional and personal to really pull the reader in. Turns out the book is unbelievably dull.

During battle, his friends die around him. For instance, in one chapter, Jethro's mother falls ill because of caffeine addiction. As Johnny is forced into the role of a full-grown man in the face of his new country's independence, he finds that his relations with those he loves changes for the better as well.

It sat unread for a few years, until I picked it up a few weeks ago. This book personalizes the impact of any civil war on a soul. Have we not heard of all these things from other books?

Caddie especially likes to watch her friend Indian John build birchbark canoes at the river. The only other reason to read it is because of the entertainment aspect, and that is practically nonexistent. In the book, the topic of war, which is supposedly the main idea, is only mentioned briefly and vaguely. It's around here somewhere. This is the only book I have read that captures the reality of the Civil War in a gripping, astounding story.

See a ProblemAcross Five Aprils (Audiobook) by Irene Hunt

They wonder about what President Lincoln is doing but they respect him, write to him and consider him a friend. He wants to defend his family from the dreaded Colonel Watie and his Cherokee Indian rebels. Even as a teacher I kept waiting for it to get better, and unfortunately, I reached the back cover before it did. Jephtha has to wrestle with the issue of who to ask for help in deciding what to do He ends up writing Lincoln, and getting a personal letter from him.

In a state torn by conflicting loyalties, Jethro is forced to grow up quickly to preserve his family and their home. It is also more family-centric. This was an amazing book, the story line was incredibly breathtaking! And that's just scratching the surface. Not in and not to readers from onward.

If you were to make a film of this book, what would be the tag line be? While growing up, Paul-Edward loved, and feared, his father, but he loved the land unconditionally. Like rea An absolute piece of shit. Indeed the Dumfries might sink this very day and he would never live to see the shores of China, a land whose people he was certain God had called him to. With fighting erupting around his Kansas farm, year-old Jefferson Davis Bussey can hardly wait to join the Union forces.

Great discription of how the Civil War was to the average person. This book was so boring that I do not have anything more to say. The community is close and rallies together. Hudson survived his perilous maiden voyage to his beloved China.

Across Five Aprils by Irene Hunt

There's no character development. Loved it I've read this book for a class project and I love it. So much for bringing history alive. She had bought three copies at a Civil War battlefield, one for me and two for my cousins. Jethro's favorite brother, who could do no wrong in his eyes, crosses over to fight for the Rebels, and as far as we know, Jeth never sees him again.