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The game lets you control the character of protagonist by swiping, and tilting your device. The game sets you in the amazing and fantastic dungeon and lets you immerse yourself in the endless experience.

Agent Dash v5.1.2 818 (Mod)

Subway surfers is a greatly admired and played Endless Running, Action-Adventure and Platform video game. Do you like to play Temple Run? In the game, you can assume the role of Knight. This game offers a fantastic game-play similar to two of the most popular games of the same genre Temple Run and Subway Surfers.

It takes place on the small Island, where an antagonist, a crazy wizard known as Hex, plans to control the world using his red chunks.

This game is the story of an unlucky raccoon that runs to save himself from the mad assailants Hunters who tend to kill him. The game lets you assume the role the protagonist, who is a snowboarder.

The game has a huge player base of over million and it won an award of Favorite Endless Runner game of the year. The game takes place in the beautiful world filled with obstacles and villains.

If you are a Puppy Lover and you love to hang out with your puppy or puppies, this brilliant game named as Puppies Out is absolutely a must for you. The game provides you with fast-paced and action-packed gameplay and allows you get into the game world and amuse yourself by completing various exciting objectives.

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The game tasks you to run in an unfriendly environment, go through a number of deadly obstacles by simply running, jumping, sliding etc. Pitfall, inspired by the classic game of the same name is one amazing Action-Adventure, Endless Runner and Platform video game. It revolves around Chubby Dudes, the innocent creatures who stuck in a destructive world filled with insane obstacles, and deadly machines which cut them into several pieces.

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The game features the protagonist as a Dragon Knight who runs through a deadliest castle avoiding all the beastly creatures in the dungeon. The game offers a thrilling gameplay by mixing the platforming, action-packed and ragdoll physics elements. The game provides you with action-packed and fast-paced gameplay and lets you immerse yourself in epic Endless runner experience. Smash Hit is an Arcade, First-person, Physics-based, and Single-player video game developed and published by Medicore.

This super cool game provides a player with an addicting and quite engaging game-play, super awesome graphics and single and multiplayer gaming mode options. The game takes place in the surreal world and puts you on an adventure where you have to explore the endless environment and smash everything in your path while enjoying amazing sound and music.

Rail rush offers a similar game-play to the popular Agent Dash, the only difference between Agent Dash and Rail Rush is that the protagonist in Rail Rush journeys in a rail cart instead of running. In the game, The Angry Gran locks agent Fred in the asylum and escapes. The game is about a female agent struggles to save her life from the Mafia by running, jumping and sliding over and under different kinds of obstacles. According to the story-line, Agent Dash lets you be the courageous Secret Agent who goes on a number of covert missions to destroy a number of enemy bases, singh is king video songs installations and facilities etc. Danger Dash by the popular GameLoft is one of the most challenging and exciting games that offers beautiful resemblances to the popular Temple Run series games and offers a similar gaming experience.

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Fast Infinite Runner developed by Mindjolt Games, is a totally cool Endless Running, Action-Adventure and Platform video game that offers an extremely addictive and quite engaging game-play. In the game, you can assume the role of the main protagonist and the game takes you to the Zombies infected and Apocalyptic world. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic era so the obstacles of the game are mostly all of apocalyptic.

The game features a player controlled character of Eric who goes on an adventure to a mysterious jungle and after the expedition ends, he gets left behind alone. The game features the famous character Sonic who has to run to an endless distance avoiding all the obstacles and enemies in the way.

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Because Temple Run so exciting and engaging to play that it literally glues you to the device for hours. Puppies Out offer a beautiful combination of pure Endless Running, Action-Adventure and Platforming elements and lets you have a totally unique and quite exciting gaming experience. The game takes place in a stunning world filled with obstacles and hurdles. Kiloo a private company developed this master piece of art in collaboration with Sybo Games. In the game, your primary task is to come down through the slopes of the mountain.