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Airline Manager 3 For PC (Windows & MAC)

Read more about it in the blog post. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Reports are available on your airline or your competitors based on public domain data. If an airline owns a terminal they will not need to lease gates at that airport. Airlines can now schedule aircraft to arrive at off peak times or reduce fuel burn by slows speeds.

Create Your Own Airline

Today or yesterday it is all possible. Excluding Off-topic Review Activity. Select whether or not you offer your passengers lounge access. Flights scheduled to cities where the rental car companies or hotels operate will benefit from extra passengers. So, it will always be a good idea to create routes based on the number of people that can fly with you.

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. In order for an airline to operate domestic flights in a country they much have a headquarter building in that country. This is a serious hobbyist simulation.

Airline Director 2 - Tycoon Game on Steam

Data relating to aircraft types is extensive and makes choice of equipment easy. By researching the schedules users can make educated decisions on their operations and the airport requirements. Gifting on Steam The Steam Community. Route Maps Review your airlines, or your competitors route maps and schedules. By selecting the number of rows, the number or seats across, airlines have granular control over the seat maps generated.

When building your airline you can review the route maps of your competitors to maximise your returns.

Your email address will not be published. This defaults to your Review Score Setting. When enabled, off-topic review activity will be filtered out. The timetables can be printed in hard copy or displayed on the screen. It runs on your machine, you control how often you play, when you play and how the simulation progresses through time.

Airline Director 2 - Tycoon Game on Steam

Support Tickets Visit our Forum. The decisions are yours - the future of this airline is in your hands.

Review your airlines, odia new film song or your competitors route maps and schedules. The cost of those seats is set by the operating airline and any calculations relating to profitability should be made by the purchasing airlines. Have you ever dreamed of running your own airline? As the airline manager you will open routes and build connections between the world's greatest cities.

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With enough time and resources a player can build a fleet and schedule thousands of aircraft on unlimited segments. Lounge access can be based on class of travel or lounge entry can be sold to individual travellers. If they do not have enough gate space they will not be able to operate to that airport. Airline Lounges Select whether or not you offer your passengers lounge access.

Maintenance can be outsourced or self managed. Users can decide whether or not to implement a frequent flyer program and what rewards should be made available to the members. Summary Most Helpful Recent Funny. If an airlines owns the gates, they can lease them out to other airlines when not in use.

Airlines can chose from three different types of lounges and access. This will allow much greater granularity in the processing of data.

Historical data and detailed analysis tools give airline managers the oversight on how their operation is performing. Don't expect an action packed arcade game or a flight simulator. Once you have completed the installation, the first time you run the simulation it will connect to our website to validate your product key.

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