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After an argument, Vani returns home and reveals her unhappiness to her parents. Ravi is unhappy but reluctantly agrees, since he will also be away for some time on a business trip. The movie is also splayed with many still moments of hammy romance. Well he wasn't sure and a few hours later I was more sure of it.

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The first thing that really irked the hell out of me and this might be personal choice is the use of so much colour. The group travel to Chandigarh where Akaash and Vani spend time alone together and rekindle their romance. Vani returns to Delhi with her friends, where she is able to finally further her studies and get her M. It was like someone was bombarding colour balloons on the screen from behind.

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Most Anticipated Indian Movies and Shows. Was this review helpful to you? Delhi-based Rohan Sood lives a wealthy lifestyle along with his businessman dad, Shekhar, and mom, Renu. She tells her sister about her relationship with Akaash, but her sister reacts negatively, saying that their parents would not approve. Trivia Out of the first four films done by Karthik Aaryan and Nushrat Bharucha, this is the only film where they end up together in the climax.

She also comes across Akaash, who is still bitter and hurt about their break up. Welcome to sixteen's world. The film stars Kartik Aaryan and Nushrat Bharucha in lead roles.

Vani returns to her home town of Dehradun to attend her sister's wedding, after which she plans to study for an M. Ravi is emotionally abusive and expects Vani to cater to his every need, but pretends to be a perfect husband in front of friends and family. At the college, Vani reunites with her friends, who find her to be reserved and depressed.

The trip is cut short by a phone call from Vani's parents, requesting her to visit them. He angrily confronts her and she runs away, deciding to return home that night. She emotionally ends things with Akaash via a phone call and requests him not to try and meet her. Learn more More Like This.

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Vani's husband Ravi Sunny Nijar is an arrogant, controlling man who forcefully has sex with her every night. Her friends meet her at the train station and Akaash finally breaks down and cries, something which he has not allowed himself to do previously.

Kartik Tiwari does great initially with some lively moments but I have doubts when it comes to serious scenes. Pressured by her parents and feeling guilt over her sister's actions, Vani reluctantly agrees. When you can't make it on your own, the best thing to do is to fake it. Lets not compare the two since the stories and setup is very distinct.

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Luv Ranjan may have hit a homerun with Pyar ka Punchnama but in this movie, he falls short. Conflicted, Vani chooses to return home and emotionally leaves her friends and Akaash behind.

Vani's parents are heartbroken and have to endure the shame of their neighbors and community. She happily divorces Ravi and later marries Akaash. In the fear of society's response, they decide to get Vani married to the son of an acquaintance. Titu is going to marry a perfect woman named Sweety.

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Just out of jail, a don is ready to get back at the four friends who conned her. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Even after that it had some lively scenes involving the two protagonist like the the laundry room scene which actually got me all excited about it's prospects. India portal Film portal Bollywood portal.

The movie in fact imbibes very noble message, but it finds it difficult to carry the good along with it. Akaash is devastated but slowly becomes bitter and detached with time. An argument breaks out and she slaps Ravi, after which he moves to hit her, only to be stopped by Akaash. They are both accepted in the same college in Delhi, and after a series of adventures, soon become friends, forming part of a group of four.

The group spend the week together, during which time they have fun and re-live their college memories. It had it's moments but compared to the many dull moments I had to sit through, it was testing my patience. Audible Download Audio Books.

However, they send her back to Ravi after he charms them, and ask him to consider starting a family in order to occupy Vani's time. Akaash observes the way Vani assumes the role of a subservient wife and how she is ill-treated by her husband. The next day, amidst the wedding preparation, Vani finds out that her sister has eloped with another man, who she was in love with but was not accepted by her parents. The songs and music is below par but bearable. He prevents her from going out, working or furthering her studies, youtube er hd windows 7 and expects her to be a full-time housewife.

Akash Vani Hindi radio channel Online

They are stunned and try to reason with her but she stands her ground. Akaash decides that he can't lose Vani once again and the group follows Vani to her home. The inner power of a woman who represents over one million suppressed youth against injustice in the country. Follows the love story of a boy and a girl. Nushrat Bharucha is superb in showing her skills throughout the movie.

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