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Later Bharatha Natyam dancer actress Vimala Raman was selected for the role of Nagavalli, a dancer in the film. Aptharakshaka - Review Aptharakshaka - Review Aptharakshaka. In a few occasions, someone attempted to murder the Acharya twice.

Late Vishnuvardhan's th Kannada film is thrilling and entertaining. Aptharakshaka - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Aptharakshaka - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Aptharakshaka. Aptharakshaka - Review Aptharakshaka. It was later proposed that South Indian actress Sneha would play the lead role.

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Zara jane - Im not pregnant. Sandhya a busy bee with hands full TamilWire.

The film was written and directed by P. Aptharakshaka Movie Review in filmi fanda. Vijaya Rajendra Bahaddur resembles Dr. Vijay starts to investigate everything so he goes to the library to read a book based on Vijaya Rajendra Bahaddur's life and further information on Nagavalli too.

Isra miraj - what is sidratul muntaha? This is the best source where you can watch this movie with full zeal. Vijay comes back to cure Saraswathi from her madness, and he succeeds, but the problem of Nagavalli is not finished yet, and he knows who is affected by Nagavalli. Dr, Vishnuvardhans th film will be the sequel to his earlier hit Apthamithra and it is named as Aptharakshaka. Vimala Raman was praised for her dancing skills as well as her acting in the role of Nagavalli.

The majority of shooting was done in Mysore. Nj students text parents to say bus driver drunk - N.

Find more information and articles on Aptharakshaka in the archives. Aptharakshaka - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Aptharakshaka.

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Gowri later goes to the fort where Vijaya Rajendra Bahaddur is, to kill him. Vasu and is a sequel to the blockbuster film Apthamitra also directed by Vasu and starring Vishnuvardhan. The members of the family are psychologically affected by the presence of Nagavalli's painting and things have not been going well in the house. You can watch aptharakshaka kannada movie from youtube. Aptharakshaka Promotional poster.


Telugu dubbed version rights are acquired by Star Maa. In short, Aptharakshaka reminds you of the great talent that the Kannada industry has lost in Vishnuvardhan. Fans in the state go crazy over Vishnuvardhans last Kannada film.

Aptharakshaka - Wallpaper Aptharakshaka - Wallpaper Aptharakshaka. Vishnuvardhan scores with Aptharakshaka. Aptharakshaka Aptharakshaka Aptharakshaka.

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Aptharakshaka - Aptharakshaka movie news, See Aptharakshaka kannada movie songs, trailer, wallpapers, pictures, videos and post your opinions on Aptharakshaka. To further investigate about Nagavalli, Dr. Vishnuvardhan's performance was praised. We do not sell, rent, loan, trade, or lease any personal information collected at our site, including visit patterns, demographic details, contact forms, nas vmware image download requests or email lists. The investigation also takes back to around years when Raja Vijaya Rajendra Bahaddur Vishnuvardhan used to live and how his enmity with Nagavalli has been going on since centuries.

Bengali dubbed Version rights are acquired by Zee Bangla Cinema. Aptharakshaka is one of the best Kannada Movie. And the created hype and curiosity around the film was justified. Aptharakshaka Aptharakshaka.

Aptharakshaka Movie Review is the sequel of Apthamitra. Aptharakshaka - Vishnuvardhan.

Aptharakshaka - Wallpaper Aptharakshaka. However, when his wife asks him to sell the painting, he becomes furious, saying that he wouldn't sell it off even at the cost of his life. Vishnuvardhans Aptharakshaka. We analyze the web-site logs to improve the value of the materials available on it. Ah di - please translate from Tagalog to english?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Vijay, knowing Gowri would have definitely sought revenge goes to the fort where the Raja almost gets burnt to death, but he survives when it starts to rain, then Dr. Rathnakar has passed away today, just curious if he acted in the kannada blockbuster Aptharakshaka. Everyone is warned to not go to the outhouse or to the room where Nagavalli's painting is.


Vishnuvardhan and Vimala Raman are in. Aptharakshaka is the sequel of super hit movie Apthamitra. Suspecting each and every person in the family, Dr.

Vijay goes to the outhouse as he heard anklet sounds, and he sees another smaller portrait of Nagavalli in the outhouse. Aptharakshaka creates history in Karnataka. But due to her busy schedule, Sneha was unable to join the sets and then she was replaced by Sandhya.

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Vasu Kannada films remade in other languages s Kannada-language films. Aptharakshaka Movie Stills. Vijay goes to the Fort where the Raja is, and at the time, the Acharya performs a pooja to try to bring Nagavalli out of Saraswathi's body. The next day, the painter is shown to be dead under mysterious circumstances, possibly being a suicide.