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Bhatt had a small recording device with him when he was having huge rows with his wife and mistress. The decision taken by Pooja towards the end is bold and courageous and Bhatt deserves credit for not following a traditional ending. However Pooja decides to search an identity for herself in the world, independent of the support of any male. But the one who stands out is Rohini Hattangadi, who plays Pooja's nameless housemaid.

Arth was a milestone in his directorial career after which he never looked back. However Mahesh Bhatt's Arth is different in the sense that Jagjit Singh not only sang the Ghazals and Nazms but he only composed their music also. Arth boasts of power-packed performances of all the three principal actors - Shabaana Aazmi, scan scanner software Smita Patil and Kulbhushan Kharbanda. Mahesh Bhatt was one of the finest filmmakers of the s in the Hindi film industry.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He sang for Bollywood movies too. She finds out that her drunk husband has stolen the money.

Even in my first film, Parineeta, the heroine openly declares that she is married and is ready to live alone. Kulbhushan Kharbanda is excellent as Inder, the infidel husband whose own weakness and confusion lead him to self-ruin. This is one of the best movies directed by Bhatt. Azmi gives the performance of a life time as a woman who sees her world go up in smoke.

Tum itanaa jo muskuraa rahe ho Tum itanaa jo muskuraa rahe ho Kyaa gam hai jisako chhupaa rahe ho Kyaa gam hai jisako chhupaa rahe ho Tum itanaa jo muskuraa rahe ho. Rohini Hattangadi lends ample support as a maid whose life mirrors the life of Azmi's character in the film. But the trouble lies in the fact that Mahesh Bhatt painted all these three characters with very thick colours.

She displays something very disturbing within her, and yet balances it with naturally played feelings of guilt and moments of sanity. Filmfare Award for Best Screenplay. The film's main protagonist, Pooja Malhotra, is a true example of that. Ghazal singing has never been a profession for him.

The best part of the movie are the three songs and the music by Jagjit Singh. There are questions raised during the movie about the institution of marriage and the role of women as wives. Never miss latest songs lyrics update. Jagjit Singh with his God-given voice perfectly suiting Ghazals and Nazms, only could do it as far as the songs of Arth are concerned. The theme is quite simple and so is the execution but Bhatt gives it a raw but realistic and authentic look.

We have Biggest Collection of Hindi Songs Lyrics, so you can search your favorite songs lyrics by movies names, by artist names, by music directors and lyricists. You would be blown away by what has increasingly become a rarity these days, an ultimate Hindi movie. The editing is pretty poor and the movie moves pretty slowly.

The acting is the strongest forte of this seminal classic. And that's why the true Ghazal singer is one who is able to convey the Soz pain inherent in the words. She kills him and goes to the police station and confesses her crime. People often overlook Hattangandi's role, but she is pretty much a reflection of Pooja.

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He has a feel for the feminine mentality and the women characters come across as strong and not cardboard caricatures. Ban jaayege zahar pite pite Ban jaayege zahar pite pite Ye ashq jo pite jaa rahe ho Ye ashq jo pite jaa rahe ho. All Bombay Times print stories are available on. These scenes show emotional conditions few actresses could master. The nomenclature got my hackles up and I was all ready to tear this apart with my words.

Inder is married to Pooja Shabaana Azmi. Thank you for submitting your review. It does not match his basic Character.

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Mahesh Bhatt could not restrain himself in certain matters and went for exaggeration. Instead of Pooja calling and importuning Kavita not to damage her marriage, Pooja directly meets her with Inder at a party and vituperates her. Patil is amazing, performing the most difficult of scenes with unsettling intensity. Inder has sexual relations with Kavita and he tells Pooja he is leaving her.

You can change your city from here. That's why Shabaana's refusing his love in the end does not appeal to the audience because independence from men does not mean a life devoid of love. An equally great actress, Smita Patil delivers an incredibly convincing performance as the mentally unstable actress Kavita Senyal, a role that is smaller but even more complex than that of Azmi. Raj Kiran is good too as Azmi's admirer in the film.

Shabna Azmi's acting is good as usual. This is a semi autobiographical movie. Following a breakdown in his marriage, Ali moves back to Pakistan from London, and finds an unlikely kindered spirit in Uzma, who is on the verge of a breakdown in her marriage with a movie director.

The melodrama in the beginning is a tad overwrought because of the repetitive scenes of Shabhana and Smita pleading and crying. The dialogues, the characters and the situations are very simple and realistic. Azmi leaves no stone unturned in trying to convey the turmoil within her as she is dealing with the separation from her husband.

Patil can get screechy and painful at times but she plays her dramatic scenes with forceful intensity. Inder leaves Pooja for the sake of mentally insecure and unstable Kavita but finally Kavita also discards him. Mumbai Mumbai search close.

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