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What s the best excel add-in like kutools and ASAP utilities

Automate Many Excel Functions

Users should note, any attempt by the installation process to install any additional, unrelated software is not approved and the user should take the proper steps to decline those installations. No one has ever not had good things to say about it. This list may not be complete. It has a free trial version as well as a free Home and Student edition.

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Recent ClippyPoint Milestones! Downloaded software must always be scanned for viruses prior to installation to prevent adware or malware. Convert percentages to whole numbers not formatting. Additional information on when the entry is projected to become unapproved may be found on the Decision tab for the specific entry.

It can also make Excel recognize the numbers in your selection and manipulate or format them as you please. No component, listed or unlisted, may be used outside of the technology in which it is released. While Excel is already a powerhouse, you can still extend its features with the help of add-ins. The first year I put the program on the internet, nearly every month a new version was released.

Name Description No components have been identified for this entry. Please see reference tab for more information concerning product versions. Unique random integers with no duplicates.

Want to add to the discussion? Particularly the feedback from users has been very important, and will continue to be important in further development. Plus, you also become so much more efficient and productive. This technology offers users the ability to automatically populate data extracted from a web report into a flat file database that can then be analyzed using pivot tables.

The usage decision for a component is found in the Decision and Decision Constraints. Convert formulas to values. This add-in, developed by Rob Bovey of AppsPro, has handy tools for working with named ranges, worksheets and selections. Otherwise it's multiple selections with just the mouse. One of the utilities that has a larger number of regular users is Microsoft Excel and, as one would expect, there is a fair number of add-ins especially tailored for this environment.

Download Asap Utilities - Support utilities in Excel

Download ASAP Utilities / RC1

Most people struggle with managers, bosses or clients that tend to ask for you to get the job done yesterday, which of course is often difficult to pull off. It has at least one amazing trick that I love.

Once you set it up and start Excel to see what it's all about, the abundance of features tucked inside a single package may take you by surprise. If you use names in Excel, you'll appreciate the Name Manager.

To show the add-ins, follow the instructions here. Type Name Source Description. It is under constant development, so new features and improvements are being added all the time. It isn't a database, it just connects to them and can handle millions of rows very quickly. So you can click and paste-special-values nearly instantaneous.

Your email address will not be published. There is also a protection function that allows you to protect multiple sheets all at once.

Insert x number of rows in between each existing row. Just a few of the good ones, there are many more. Submission Guidelines and Sharing Questions. Freeware may only be downloaded directly from the primary site that the creator of the software has advertised for public download and user or development community engagement. Overall, the add-in has over features, and taking a look as well as trying out some of them can help you utilize Excel faster.

The technology supports a number of industry standard file formats. The period of time this technology is currently being evaluated, reviewed, and tested in controlled environments. The use of several similar solutions may increase organization requirements for support and maintenance.

Create list of files in directory. Nowadays a new version is released at least twice a year. This action in particular is nice because it's with your left hand. Favourite Free Excel Add-ins Excel has some powerful features, but it's not perfect. It is absolutely the quickest way I have found to do this.

Use of this technology in all other cases is prohibited. Here's the list, starting with my favourites. Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities.

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Especially with providing it for free to students and charitable organizations, we hope to contribute to a brighter future. These decisions are based upon the best information available as of the most current date. This technology has been assessed by the Section Office and found non-conformant. Don't miss my latest Excel tips and videos!

Excel has some powerful features, but it's not perfect. General Analysis Adoption Benefits This is a mature, stable, well-documented and well-supported technology. After a recent Microsoft update, some Excel add-ins mine and others are not loading correctly. The extensive features are the result of years of experience and development, combined with the feedback from many respected users at different levels of experience. Use of this technology is strictly controlled and not available for use within the general population.

Excel Core Concepts - Back to Basics. Also, some free add-ins might be discontinued, or change to paid versions only.

Maybe you'll see a few that you can download and install, and make working in Excel a bit easier. For more tips and links, go to my Excel add-ins page.

Collaboration and Electronic Workplace Productivity Software. This hotkey database can be enriched by adding custom key combinations of your own for using other Excel functions you might need. The input we get from users all over the world is a great stimulation for us to make it a better product every time. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Tools for Managing Workbooks.

Miscellaneous Productivity Tools and Utilities. Please read the terms of use for these utilities, before you install them. Read the full description on Rob's page for Excel Utilities. For beginners and those who are quite unfamiliar, s o s rihanna Microsoft Excel can seem daunting.