Cross Stitch Border Patterns

These two purple borders on the right are identical on the outside edges, but the inside corners are different. You can pick different colors depending on your likes and the imagery of the main cross stitch project.

It will make your centerpiece pop even more. The bottom border is made longer by adding space between the tulip segments. Here, the stairstep corners complement the pointed tips of the tulips. Choose your favorite theme, select fabric and fibers, and go A-B-C-razy!

We've stitched a few models to start your imagination. Assisi is a small town in Italy and the birthplace of St. This pattern is somewhat bigger and definitely more time consuming than most borders, but the details are worth the extra work.

Why not add a border to your cross stitch? You can print them out or save them to your computer. Instead of filling an empty corner, you can alter the shape. This border is breathtaking and intricate. This border would work beautifully with food or kitchen related cross stitch pieces.

Vintage Lentil Linen using Crescent Colours thread. You can change the size and the look of your cross stitch border by changing the location of the special features. You could use this border on pillows and bookmarks.

Borders - Cross Stitch Patterns & Kits

Good borders give you a lot of flexibility - you can make one of the changes or make several of them. Likewise, a heavy, hoyle casino 2007 geometric border would overpower an elegant love sonnet.

Borders - Cross Stitch Patterns & Kits

The cross stitch features a background that is filled in and the main image is left blank. Suddenly I came across this article and. Handmade Adelaide shows us that geometric shapes can be soft, more traditional and acceptable for any style of cross stitch.

It happens more than you'd think. This pattern is for free at Broderie. Take the special motif in each corner and move it, instead, to the middle of each side. It is supposed to keep material taut and aligned.

Five more blocks will appear in the months that follow. This pattern is the border only for the Welcome to Our Home Series. Why not cross-stitch it and add this very detailed floral Perennial Border. It is a border that will take your cross stitch to another level.

If you don't see what you're looking for, make a Special Request and let us find it for you! Fog Lugana with Threadworx floss Monterey Bay. Shown in a pillow from Trail Creek Farm sold separately.

Cross Stitch Pattern Gallery

Cross Stitch Pattern Gallery

Intermediate Cross Stitch. You can adjust the pattern for the size of your cross stitch. This Butterfly and Flower Border is the perfect cross stitch border for beginners.

Borders - Cross Stitch Patterns & Kits7 Cross Stitch Border

What do you do when you can't find the perfect cross stitch chart? It mixes medieval images with more folk-inspired artwork. You don't want to leave the project blank. Even though it is not as detailed as others, it still is a statement piece. The border would be perfect for a western themed cross stitch or a Big Lebowski quote.

The tension is great if you like taut. Don't be afraid to try something different. It is done in one color, but would also look good with variegated floss. Copyright better-cross-stitch-patterns. It is becoming more and more popular to cross stitch a quotation, a verse, or even song lyrics that hold a special meaning.

It would also make a beautiful frame using plastic canvas and yarn. It is available for free on their website.

Feel free to stitch the patterns here for personal use or individual sale. Please do not reproduce patterns for distribution. We pride ourselves on our large collection of readable cross stitch alphabet patterns. Even flipping elements horizontally and vertically and fitting them together creatively can change the final dimensions. With the motif moved to the center, you can make further adjustments by how you create the corners.

7 Cross Stitch Border Patterns

7 Cross Stitch Border Patterns