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She plays with her clit then gets out her vibrating toothbrush to work over her clit to climax over and over again before rinsing off. She takes it off and lets the sun kiss her body. After that, they get onto the table to grind their pussies together. Then she plays with her clit and fingers her pussy while fucking her juicy pussy with a vibrator to give herself multiple orgasms. She is quite flexible and bends her body in a variety of poses before fingering her tight asshole.

Then Gina comes in to attach the Dreamcatcher and spread her wide before slipping in the gape cage to expose Luna to the max. Miranda clips on the Dreamcatcher and inserts a parsnip, then she takes it out and rams it into her asshole. After toying the clit pump, she shows how flexible she can be with a zucchini then stuffs a big eggplant into her snatch. She poses in some pantyhose, ripping them open to expose her pussy.

They make out passionately on a love seat, and Gina begins undressing Kiara and working down every inch of her curvaceous body before tongue-boxing her ass. She spins her hips around and around as her big tits bounce and ass jiggles. She repurposes the device, pressing it firmly against her clit and lets it carry her into bliss. Then she grabs the Hitachi and works it against her clit from above and below until she has a nice orgasm.

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She then gapes her snatch wide with the spreaders and stuffs her panties in deep, tugging them back out slow. They kiss and eat pussy then climb onto the table to grind their clits together.

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Girls in Heat - Crazy Softcore - Full Length

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The adorable blonde brushes her hair in a pair of short shorts and tank top, her ample curves aching to bust free. She uses it pressed against her plump pussy lips and clit, rolling around on the bed until she has a pulsating orgasm. She yanks the bikini bottoms up into her pussy for hot camel toe shots as her big tits ache to bust free. Then she starts to suck him off and puts her pussy in his face at the same time.

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