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In this picture goddess Durga depicted sitting on lion. She is compared to Param Brahma.

This ritual is known as Sindoor Khela. Unlimited joy and happiness of navratri festival ends with celebration of Dussehra the symbol of victory of goodness over evil. Indra handed his vajra to Devi. Here you can find the latest Durga Maa wallpapers for your device.

Durga Puja is associated in only some states of India with the demon slaying Mahisasura. Recognizing a divine power in every form and every name is to celebrate Navaratri. Lighting and Special Effects. Durga Maa face photo with beautiful ornaments.

Maa Durga statues installed in Durga puja pandal. Goddess Durga is the chief goddess of Hindus who are also called Devi and Shakti. Durga lopped off the trunk of the elephant with her sword and released her lion. All the weapons of the demons were proved to be small in front of the Goddess. That is why he was called Mahishasur.

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An envoy told Durgamasur all these saga and the matter of taking the incarnation of the protector of the Gods is somewhere. Navratri festival is holy festival of nine days and it is celebrated twice every year as per the Hindu calendar. During Navratri festival Goddess Durga is worshipped. Please enter your name here. Navratri is the festival dedicated to the worship of goddess Durga.

Themes Focused on Regional Culture. Lord Vishnu gave the cycle chakra to the Goddess. After the immersion process, low-caste men stand in the river and ensure that the thousands of Durga idols make their way down the river safely. But the Maa Durga is riding over the Lion which suggests that she is the ultimate power in the universe.

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Diwali is the festival of lights which is celebrated twenty days after dussehra. There are many symbolism and festivities related with the Goddess. The meaning of the word Navratri in Sanskrit is nine nights. The lord Surya prepared the shield, sword and divine lion with power of rays and offered to the goddess for a ride. This clogs the river where the idols have been immersed.

According to greater popularity of the legend, Maa Durga sits on lion or tiger and slays demon with a trident or spear. Happy Navratri Wallpaper with quotes. Along with this, similar rays that were emerged from the enraged faces of gods. In the Durga Mata Wallpaper article, we have listed the best collections of the images.

Goddess Durga gained all her powers from each and every god to kill demon Mahishasur. Here are the best Durga maa images as wallpapers for your desktop computers and smartphone screens. You have entered an incorrect email address!

Goddess Durga has been described as having eight or ten hands. From the literature perspectives, hysys 7.3 the Shiva Purana gives the references to the origin of Goddess Durga. Goddess Durga face picture decorated with ornaments.

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Prev Article Next Article. Same way, all the gods and goddesses offered them variety of weapons. Overview of the Durga Puja Festival. Durga killing Mahisasur wallpaper. You can watch more God wallpaper from this website.

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Installing the Durga Idols. Goddess Durga photo sitting on lion, dressed up with beautiful gold ornaments. Durgotinashini means the destroyer of evil and the protector of her devotees.

Due to the higher popularity of this legend, Maa Durga is sitting on a tiger or lion and slaying the demon with a trident or spear. The elephant again turned into a buffalo and charged at Durga. Navratri is one such festival. In both West Bengal and Tripura, due to the presence of a large number of Bengali Hindus, Durga Puja is the biggest festival of the year. Armed with celestial weapons gifted by the deities and bestowed with divine ornaments, Maa Durga rode into the battle field and challenged the demons for battle.

On the last day of the festival, Goddess Durga returns to her husband's abode and the statutes are taken for immersion. Hear the Durga Mata Wallpaper has the beautiful collections of the wallpaper in P format. Which shows that she is the power of God with a lot of power to destroy all the even moreover you can also know that she is the incarnation of Lord Shiva. The festival sees huge, elaborately-crafted statutes of Goddess Durga installed in homes and lavishly decorated podiums called pandals all over the city.

Goddess Durga flung her trident power and beheaded Mahishasura, finally killing him. In Hindu mythology, the most worshipped dieting with a lot of power and strength is the Maa Durga. The dance is accompanied by traditional drums and drummers. You should ask some other boon.

According to legend, Mahishasura was born with a combination of male and female buffalo. From then the goddess to be called Durga. The power of positivity can attend through the soulful prayer of Maa Durga Devi. The beginning of the Durga Puja is known as the Goddess awakening and shlokas and special chants are used to respect her.

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Then buffalo then turned into a lion and leapt onto Maa Durga, but she beheaded the buffalo with her sword. Mahishasur became the King of all the demons after received boon from Lord Brahma. The third day of Navratri is called Tritiya. When all the Gods came to Lord Vishnu with their problem, he said that you all should do worship of Goddess Mahakashakhi.