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The film is the directorial debut for Suresh Krishna. In retribution, Rangan and his men humiliate Sudha in public, forcing Sathya to thrash Rangan and destroy his bar. One day, Sathya beats up a group of ruffians who are thrashing a tea vendor for not paying extortion taxes. You can change your city from here.

Sathya Movie Review /5 Sathya is an engrossing watch

Remya Nambeesn, as a concerned mother, is apt for her role, enacting her scenes well, while Varalaxmi packs a surprise punch as a strict cop. Sathya meets Shweta at a restaurant and learns her five-year-old daughter Ria Baby Sherin is missing. With this incident, Sathya's life changes as he invokes Rangan's wrath. Salman Khan steps out to wishes all his fans on Eid. Sathya escapes from the hospital, confronts Mariappa and Dhandapani, and kills them both.

He confronts Shweta, who refuses to acknowledge that Ria is imaginary. Sathya is basically the story of one man who wants to make a difference and ends up becoming a henchman to a political leader who has his own agenda. Theatrical Release Poster. Frustrated, Sathya thrashes the murderers on their release, leading to his arrest, but is later released on bail by Dhandapani. Risking his life, Sathya gets a hold of the files.

The latter stars along with Amala. Yazin Nizar, Kalyani Nair. Sathya begins an informal investigation which fails many times, but Babu saves him. Sathya recollects that on their last night together in India before separation, he and Shweta have sex.

Sibi, in the role of a confused and aggressive guy who is on a mission, has put up a fine performance and is equally good in emotional scenes, too. The character name of Ajith from Yennai Arindhaal is called as Sathyadev. The film's soundtrack was composed by Simon K. However, the evidence against Mariappa and Dhandapani is destroyed as Sathya used the file as a shield against the gunshots. Ria is seen nowhere in the footage, which makes Sathya doubt Shweta's mental condition.

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One fine day, Sathya gets a call from Swetha, pleading him to help her find her missing girl. Videos Official Trailer - Sathya.

The director Gautham Menon initially wanted to keep this title for the film as he has affinity towards Kamal and the film but later opted against to do so. While on the run from Dhandapani's henchmen, he gets shot and seriously injured, but manages to survive. Reminder Successfully Set!

Nevertheless, Sathya is an engrossing watch which joins the list of interesting thriller films made in Tamil this year. He orders that Sathya and his friends be eliminated. Will Sathya be able to help her ex-flame? When a Tamil version of the film was announced, with a different cast altogether, a faithful attempt, if not more, script writer is what one obviously expected. Sathya is a Indian Tamil-language action social drama film directed by Suresh Krissna and produced by Kamal Haasan.

We serve personalized stories based on the selected city. Sathish, too, is a delight to watch as he has been shown in a different shade, perhaps for the first time. Let's work together to keep the conversation civil.

Sathya ( film)

You have already rated this movie. But, Pradeep Krishnamoorthy has done a good job by remaking the Telugu movie Kshanam without losing the essence of the movie. The soundtrack album features six tracks, which includes three songs and three instrumentals from the original score.

Filmography of Suresh Krissna. Kamal Haasan Chandrahasan.

Mumbai Mumbai search close. Soon, Sathya's family disowns him for his activities, following which he is approached by Dhandapani, who convinces him to move to his own house and work for him.

The International Business Times. Gowtham recalls Shweta being attacked by two masked men to steal her car. The cinematography and editing were handled by S. Things went worse when none except Shweta believes that Riya exists. Soon, Sathya begins to grab public attention, as he and his friends start taking the law into their own hands, thrashing anyone who tries to break the law and harass innocents.

Not to be confused with Satya film. Raaj Kamal Films International. Before Anuya could kill Sathya, Chowdary shoots her after listening to the conversation. The film was a remake of the Hindi film Arjun.

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He loses hope as investigation progresses, which disappoints Swetha. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The same night, Vasanth's murderers attack Babu and Sathya, and Babu is killed. Anuya reveals that Gowtham wanted to kill Ria and arranged the attack, after which she found Ria in Bobby's custody. Sathya meets Anuya at her farmhouse where Ria is hidden.

They meet Anuya and Chowdary and get Bobby killed. The film was dubbed in Telugu under the same name, despite it already being remade in Telugu as Bharatamlo Arjunudu.

It clearly shows us how the youth, in their time of need, become willing toys in the hands of the people with the money to hire them. He added that Shweta went into a coma and post recovery started telling that she had a five-year-old daughter named Ria.