Solidworks Drawing Templates

This setting may also be saved into our templates. This tab represents the file location you pointed the software to look at when browsing for a library of document templates. This could then be saved as a template so that whenever you begin a new part and select this template, the geometry is already created. Again, please note the default location for the sheet formats.

There is also a default folder location for sheet formats. Click the System Options tab and then click File Locations.

Which is Which Drawing Template vs Sheet Format in SOLIDWORKS

Determine if you want a second sheet saved within the drawing template and what sheet format s you want to be visible. We just created a video on this, and it will be released shortly. Setting it too far to the right will increase the file size, so you have to find a good balance. After we have set these items to show, click in the background. You have now created and saved a customized template, and you have pointed the software to the location of this template.

Once you enter the section for Options, you will see that there are two tabs, System Options and Document Properties. Hi Philip, We just created a video on this, and it will be released shortly.

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These changes will be saved with the new template. Only options on the Document Properties tab are saved in a document template. Toggle the button in the lower left between Advanced and Novice until the button says Novice. Click the triple dot icon as shown below and then choose the corresponding template file from a folder that was previously defined under the file locations in the previous steps. Click on the icon for File Properties in the menu bar.

Keep in mind that any options that are stored on the Document Properties tab will be saved with your template, so feel free to examine any other options and set them to be saved with your template. The Document Properties tab contains options that will be saved with the template. The final step is to tell the software where to look for this template, so that you may use and re-use it. Recording and Playing Macros.

Good news though, you can save the sheet format for future drawings. The drawing template has the file extension. In contrast, a sheet format specifies the paper size and, mainly, defines the title block for the drawing. To get the most out of the software and accelerate the completion of your projects, maya movie you can create and save customized templates containing your desired custom settings.


Users can save off sheet formats from active drawing files. Let me know if you have any other questions. This folder should be easy to browse, and you should be able to quickly copy the entire folder to be used as a backup to share with your co-workers or to be used on a new computer. Related concepts Units and Dimension Standard. Click the document icon to create a new document.

Sample of templates that use different units of measurement. Create a new folder for your templates. These settings will be saved with the template. Depending which units the current project is in, we can select the appropriate template and save ourselves having to change the option for units.

You may also set the option to hide or show all sketches, and hide or show all origins. By default, Windows turns off the visibility for file extensions and hidden folders. The custom file property fields are often the same from one part file to the next, so they may be set up ahead of time by saving them into a template. Similarly, we might want our inches projects to use three-place precision x.

Difference Between Sheet Formats & Drawing Templates

It is worth noting that the sheet format will not save off units, custom properties, drafting standards or fonts. This can include a sheet format. After several years of experience in the automotive and office furniture industries, he joined Fisher Unitech in as an Application Engineer. These three templates provide you with out-of-the-box settings.

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Now once you have made your changes, you can right click and choose Edit Sheet, or you can click that sheet format icon in the corner. Click here for information about technical support. This process is independent for each individual sheet of a multi-sheet drawing. By default, when you open a new or existing drawing file you are in the sheet. Make the necessary modifications to the drawing.

In this section we can point to libraries of files. Click on the tab for Custom properties. Set up general Windows file display options By default, Windows turns off the visibility for file extensions and hidden folders. We will contact you if we have questions regarding your feedback. These changes will be saved with your template.

It currently just opens the B size format. After clicking this button you may switch between the Novice and Advanced template selection window. In short, if you are in an assembly and you right click the name of the assembly, expand the Tree Display menu and those check marks will let you turn off certain things in the tree. The names of the three default planes and the origin may be changed.