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The climax is not something you haven't seen before, but the smart way of presenting it definitely makes it unique. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The movie got positive responses from the critics. All characters fall in place and don't seem to dominate each other. This time around it isn't because what makes this movie so special is it's reality, rare do we see characters utter words we recognize from conversations with our friends.

The scene where he slaps Aditi looks forced. One of the rare Indian productions where the jokes were effortlessly funny. Anooradha Patel, this woman does not seem to get old, has a great presence. Well, lets give her credit, as she at least dubbed her own dialogs unlike this bollywood actress from London.

Arbaz and Sohail Khan in a cameo are great. Rahman, as always has done great job for Aamir and seems if he was not the music director of this film, something would have been missing. For instance, Aditi's Brother.

It'll be worth watching at least once! But here, the outline of the story is very simple and focused more on developing characters who will take it forward.

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Luckily he sidelines the stress in the second half and that makes the movie enjoyable. It could have easily done without this entire sequence. Aamir deliberately took joy in such speculations like a true professional. Beauty of this movie lies in a simple way of narrating it. Abbas Tyrewala Director has done a wonderful job using simplicity to create this magnificent cinema experience.

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Very filmy but funny and you'll enjoy watching it. This is maybe the best movie to come out after Dil Chahta Hai in last seven years in that genre. Paresh Rawal as corrupt cop was the good refreshment as seeing him doing doing same standard comic characters in all movies was getting too much. Jai visits Meghna's parents and sees that her father is an alcoholic and while Jai goes to meet Meghna's parents, he misses Aditi's surprise birthday party, whereby Aditi's feelings are hurt.

Music is great and so are the songs. Songs are panned out well and do not stand out as in most other Indian films. Songs are very peppy, convert video to avi romantic and full of energy.

Naseeruddin Shah brings in a few laughs and Ratna marvels. That's exactly what it is. There, he meets again the two men harassing Meghna at the club, finding out their names to be Bhaloo and Bhageere. Take someone you truly love with you to watch this. Though I felt his role could have been better or at least lengthier.

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The performance is surely above the par in all sections of this project. He's not Mr popular nor does he wants to be, but yet still he is because he just that charismatic.

Very punchy, funny and realistic. She tells Sushant she wants to break the engagement and go to New York to study alone, while actually wanting to return to Jai. Sohail and Arbaaz share a special bond and that shows on screen. You have the father played brilliantly in four short cameos by Naseeruddin Shah!

How about walking not to reach somewhere but just to hold hands and feel good? All the credits should go to Pakhi Tyrewala Casting Director who has done a brilliant job by selecting right face for the right character.

Ya Jaane Na is a film that I have been wanting to watch ever since I saw the first promo with Imran Khan posing behind a cardboard cutout to make us believe that he is the next big hunk of Bollywood. Ya Jaane Na came in like a fresh breeze from his bag of tricks, rejecting his earlier well-defined technicalities. Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na is an old wine served in a new bottle as the storyline has nothing new to offer.

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The movie is great in all parameters, from the selection of casts to the presentation of the story. Rahman rightfully excludes his usual grandeur here and sticks to cheery melodic compositions without compromising his genius. The story is the usual love story but the theme made all the difference. You just need two words to describe the flick.

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The title of the movie is very well selected. He has a talent to pull out best from its cast. People talked about both of us as a pair but we didn't care for them and went along as the best buddies. Its been a long time since we've had a good bollywood movie. Since the two of them don't believe that they are in love, after finishing college they start to hunt for a perfect life partner.

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Greatest Bollywood movies. Let's see what the future holds for him as he's already made a fine start. Imran khan is a new face but his acting skills are build into his genes. So better enjoy it that way.