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It brings a fantastic story, revolving around the protagonist named as Thora, who is a recently deceased Viking woman. During the gameplay, the player must complete various side-quests that will help the player to upgrade his character. Just like Agahnim, he can also teleport from one place to another to attack you from the nearest. Notify me of new posts by email. The Pendant of Courage is found at the East Palace, and as you set your journey to get this pendant, you meet Sahasrahla, who becomes your mentor.

When you get the sword, Princess Zelda telepathically informs you that the soldiers of Hyrule have arrived and you must come to the sanctuary soon. The game allows you to explore a beautifully created world, wield amazing weapons, crawl through dungeons, fight off the monsters and discover the secrets, collect the coins and hearts etc. There are few boomerangs that will either kill or paralyze your enemies. There are many bosses in this game, but the two of whom we will talk about are Agahnim and Ganon.

Get involved in the new adventures and challenges that have come to the world of Hyrule. After you reach the Dark World, Sahasrahla telepathically informs you that you are standing on the previous Sacred Realm who was transformed by Ganon wish. The story began with the recap when one day, a band of evil thieves managed to open the gateway of the Sacred Realm which contains the Mystical Triforce. When you reach the castle, you find your uncle wounded, who then gives you his sword, shield to save the princess. In the Battle, Ganon uses his Trident as a weapon and throw it at Link that works like the Boomerang.

It offers a verity of levels that is full of unique puzzle and powerful enemy creatures the player must use his weapons and kill all the monsters to progress. The protagonist equips with a small shield but a small sword available as the protagonist progress through the game. You wish that all the people of Hyrule, i. After defeating various enemies in the Palace, you will fight Moldorm who will give you the Pendant once defeated.

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Then inside the tower, you fight a reincarnated Agahnim who uses his power to create two specters as powerful as him to defeat you. After defeating all the enemies in the palace, you will fight Lanmolas at the end who will give you the pendant once defeated.

They are usually humongous in size and have fantastic powers and attacking and defence abilities. To play this game on your Mac, you have to install a Super Nintendo emulator made explicitly for Mac.

As a result, a great battle occurred where monsters from the Dark world entered the Light world. Once you reach the Sanctuary, the wounded keeper informs you that the soldiers took the Princess to the top floor of the Hyrule castle.

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The player will be frequently rewarded with helpful items and the increased abilities with which it is easy to solve the puzzles or exploring the hidden areas. Due to the sacred Triforce being held by an evil person, People were drawn into darkness and were never heard again. After the seven maidens are free, they use their combined power to banish the barrier sealing from the entrance of Ganon Tower. Go To Download Link Until one day, when weird catastrophes like Pestilence and Drought began to occur that destroyed the land. You set your journey for the sanctuary, but when you reach there, the dying Sanctuary Keeper informs you that Zelda has been taken to Hyrule castle.

Before the dark forces began to overpower the Light World, King of Hyrule ordered seven sages to seal the entrance to the sacred realm. Link goes to Hyrule castle to rescue the princess, but upon his arrival, it was already too late as Agahnim has already sent her to the Dark World. Your email address will not be published. The game is available for free and can be played online.

The Legend of Zelda Alternatives

After a fatal battle, you manage to defeat Agahnim, but he used his leftover energy to teleport you to the Dark World. After this great war known as Imprisoning War the land of Hyrule once again returned to peace for centuries ahead.

The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda offers fantastic game mechanics, quite addictive gameplay, well-written storyline and excellent visual details. When you rescue Princess Zelda from the prison of Hyrule castle at the beginning of the game, you meet a Priest. The present story begins when Link and his uncle are sleeping in their room when suddenly princess Zelda telepathically contact them for help. Hammerwatch is a fast moving and easy adventure set in a fantasy game world.

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Download Legend of Zelda for Mac Free. The game assembles one of the biggest gatherings of all the iconic Super Heroes, Villains, and the area from the beautiful Marvel universe. Once you get all three pendants, you must go to the Lost Woods where you will find Master Sword.

The Legend of Zelda

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Interactive Entertainment. As you go further in the game, the level of rival difficulty will rise, for instance, initially you will fight enemies like Armos, but later you will come head to head with Zora. After fighting and defeating many rivals in the castle, you finally reach Zelda who is imprisoned in her own castle. Bosses are the most powerful rival whom you will fight at different locations in the game, for instance, Ganon in the Pyramid of Power. The game lets you enjoy new mechanics, gameplay and storyline together and engage yourself in fun-filled activities in the game.

The game uses top-down perspective and puts you in the strange world consists of several dungeons and your ultimate task is to fight against enemies and uncover the secrets. According to the story of the game one day, a Prince of Darkness arrive in the Hyrule land, stole the power of Triforce a part of magical artifact strength and stole the princess of Zelda. Then you are in the right place. The game follows the titular character DeathSpank in his quest to locate an item called The Artifact. The Pendant of Wisdom is found in the Desert Palace, which is a palace filled with sand and enemies come out of it.

In this method, you will be getting the Legend of Zelda app directly from its official website. Besides this, the Legend of Zelda game can, however, plastic canvas books be beaten with a minimal amount of exploration and the side quests.

The game offers the combination of Role-playing, Survival, and Dungeon Crawling elements and takes place in a randomly generated world. It is the first game in the series of The Legend of Zelda and takes place in the fantasy-based land of Hyrule, the story centers on the protagonist who is a boy named Link. All these seven maidens are protected by Ganon minions whom you have to fight before you can free them.