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This wide selection of free tree house plans includes everything from the simple to the outrageous. These plans are for a more elaborate tree house, for more experienced carpenters. It's a simple structure that needs a few trees close to each other for the build. Pre-boring the joists with screw-shank clearance holes makes the screws go in a whole lot easier. However, this is not a simple project so read the instructions carefully.

San Pedro is the largest of the tree house plans available from Treehouse Guides. Imagine climbing into the tunnel slides and slide into your home or trying the other way and climbing into the tree house. To protect your trees from damage, read the instructions carefully and take the necessary precautions.

The frame for the tree house is a simple cubicle with a roof. Abstract shapes and sizes, neutral colors and funky lights can be added too. It can be built using support of two or more trees, size varying accordingly. One panel can be enough to power lights in a single tree house.

As the wood soaks in the sunlight, it becomes bleached in a patchy manner and slowly comes to resemble a mosaic. You can cozy up with blankets and hot cocoa under starry skies and fresh air. You also should know that some aspect of the construction might be considered risky so read everything carefully before you start building the house. It is a simple tree house built on a deck, with a roof but without walls. And this is a literal deck.

If you are out to build an amazing tree house, then this free tree house plan is the one for you. You can add a more homely feel to it by painting it in vibrant colors and adding decorative pieces and appliances. The struts add rigidity to the frame and help prevent swaying and wobbling. Handmade Hideaway from The Handmade Home. The front of the tree house is usually arranged to face out from the two trees, but could be rotated to face towards one of the trees, if this fits your site better.

Adaptable Treehouse from Popular Mechanics. David Trotter says coach and cup head bolts won't lead the treehouse builder astray. The treehouse is structurally comprised of laminated redwood joist and beams and features a winding staircase, brass fireman's pole, tom of finland xxl rope climb and a captivating view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Since we compiled so many different outdoor plans it only made sense to examine some general best practices when it comes to constructing them.

Treehouse Plans by Pete Nelson Be in a Tree

Pink silk-cotton tree limbs poke through the office like a giant gangly sorcerer's hand spreading its fingertips and beckoning the treehouse maker's magic. If you wish to add more character to your tree house, you can use asphalt shingles for the roof. The exterior decor and accessories imitating an old ship will bring out the inner pirate in you. The plan includes lots of building instructions, color photos, and a materials list. Outdoor Life has a free tree house plan that will build an A-frame tree house with a wrap-around deck and ladder.

How to Build a Treehouse for Your Backyard - Tree House Plans

Lionheart advises avoiding this scenario altogether. This four-sided ladder is easy to build and attach to your tree house.

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38 Brilliant Tree House Plans

The beams can be covered with curtains instead, giving it a very homely look. They have this innate sense of escapism that barely anything else can match.

It would be a delight to see your home perched upon a tree. But if you are going for something impressive to add character to your backyard or garden this tree house will do the trick. For more ideas, follow Popular Mechanics on Pinterest. Position them in a tree with a view, ideally where it will catch the evening light. This is a very traditional style tree house.

Take a look at this plan which will help you build a tree house between two trees. All the elements of his treehouses can be unbolted and installed into a different tree, or can simply be recycled. The Simple Tree House This tree house is a basic one. You can accessorize the tree house by attaching a pulley and a basket for charm and fun. Have you ever dreamt of having a secret clubhouse in the trees, where you could hide and play with your friends?

Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More details on the Zelkova tree house. Even as an adult, I still imagine that sometimes. The tree passes through the deck of the Kauri and is visible through a window from inside the tree house.

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There are also some fun themes you can incorporate- making it a princesses palace, spaceship or a pirate theme- anything you can imagine and sketch out for yourself. Tree Fort from Rob Hazelton.

Another economic idea for a tree deck that you might be planning to build yourself. The tree house in your backyard can be connected to your house by tunnel slides. When you want to be close to the branches and leaves of your tree, but don't need walls and a roof for weather protection, a tree deck could be the solution. And the finishing tree house platform looks fantastic. Or relax alone with a glass of wine after a stressful day at the office.

Here's the latest construction from Brazil's illustrious treehouse builder, Ricardo Brunelli. Most of these free tree house plans include an option for a free-standing tree house that sits on posts. This simple tree house is quite achievable with these easy instructions. This is another tree house with no roof. The Connected Tree House This tree house is amazing.

How to Build a Treehouse in the Backyard