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When we surrender to Sri Krishna he wipes our sanchita karmas and re schedules our prarabdha karma to experience the effect of them from the day of saranagati to the last day. Adiyen ramanuja dasan, Sowmianarayanan. You can tell him in short about the contribution of each one in the parampara.

King Janaka practised karma yoga only inspite of being capable of performing gnana yoga. If you want to memorise, then you would not be successful on your own. They differ based on determining factory - ashtami tithi or rohini asterism. If I can put in the lighter vein, more than sending my father or mother to mukti, my karma, ensures mukti for me.

Which pavam will be free and which is not? Venkateshamadhavan - Question By - R.

Better knowledge of these would enable us abstain from such acts. This would also lead to the theory of personal God, meaning, my definition of God will be perfection that I am not. Normally what i hear is that all who practice Yoga abhyasam reach this stage and becomes one with bhagavan.

His one form or incarnation is Maha vishnu. It is not wrong what you did as a small boy. Life membership option is not available. What is the importance of Ekadesi and Duvadesi? What do our scriptures say regarding this?

There are many kalpas each one being the beginning of the day of the four headed brahma. When I read various quest and ans of this site's spiritual quest, a splash of doubt two type arose when I read question No. So there would be no meaning in the preachings of any acharya.

However as this is not found in practice amongst our preceptors we abstain. There is no rule for mukti that finally all grhastas should quit their marital life. Kindly clarify the cause for the difference in the level of our joy and sorrow.

Bhagavan is the only means for liberation. Also regarding the Kanchipuram Garuda Seva, I have posted over here. In krta yuga the knowledge, longevity and power were at their best and so the difficult marga. Then who did people in Krta, Treta and Dvapara yuga worship? It should be advised by some eligible person.

Experiencing the Brahman is bliss and I only want to share it with everyone. Everyone is driven by his papa or punya karma for his birth and the consequent experience of punya or papa karma. But in fact since all the four yugams have cycled for many times now, all the rishis and their related events would have happened. Sri Krishna's compassion is powerful than karma. We say mostly Rama and Krishna are all lived with in Indian Geography.

Answer for the both the questions is the same. Is there any other sustitute as it is not easily available. It is from the holy naval of vyuha vasudeva ksheerabdhi sayi Brahma gets created. Also kindly let us know the type of vessel eg.

Saturday January 20 2007

Saturday January 20 2007

Swami, is it true that Lord Rama had maamsam. Venkateshamadhavan, venkateshamadhavan gmail. You can very well have milk with sugar. The other madhas like Budha madham, Samana Madham were all born in A. We would try to post it in the website.

Arun Kumar, surajgraphics yahoo. We had publised a book on both these yatra.

That marked the launch of Velukkudi Krishnan on the upanyasam scene. Velukkudi Krishnan shares his experience, Bliss, to be specific, playboy 2012 through upanyasam. Velukkudi Krishnan's discourses have been digitally documented. The Greatest contribution by Veukkudi Krishnan is not only translating Gita slokas and giving explanation but helping us understand the essence of it to be used in our day to day life. The Bhagavad Gita is one text that should be read by everyone.

Although a kshatriya can have under certain circumstances Rama did not have. Our purpose is to keep regular contact and communication with you. Knowledge and neccessity decide your priority list. Where does the Jeevatma fit into this grade?

Krishna also mentions that Janaka who lived in treta yuga practised karma yogi for atma saksahatkara. Nathamunigal was a master in Yoga rahasyam. At your lotus feet, Vidya P. Kindly approach your acharyan to know more in detail. They don't realize getting the rahasyangal from their Acharyan.


Eathath Thrigunitham Japthwa Yudhdheshu Vijayishwasi! But this should not be done for the next day. Performance of puja on that day had been in practise for long and so we would not violate any code by doing the same. You can wear srichoornam if you repent and promise not to repeat.

Bhagavad Gita and Nammazhwar's Tiruvoimozhi were close to the Senior's heart. You are then eligible for rahasyatrayam and bhagavad aradhanam which are a must for mukti. It is not me who made that statement. It is our fortune that Rama set us lotus feet throughout the length and breadth of India. Many more just do Samashrayanam because their parents asked them to do it without any further explanation given or seeked.

It is surprising that you are not able to chant sahasranama. Please help me understand what sampradyam, is followed in Thirupathi Thirumalai, whether Thenkalai or Vadakalai. Namaskaram - Question By - chithra raj, shreemadhuram gmail.

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So be happy that you would not have next birth. Being the son of an illustrious father, the platform was ready for me but then I had the responsibility of maintaining the standards set by him. You will have to study the history of those temples.

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So, after Perumal had his Thiruvadi above all the vasthus in the Boologam, everybody should have identified Him and should go to Moksham. In turn Brahma creates Siva for absorption which again is done by sankarshana as the power behind.

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