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Maya Lustre is a girl who has always held a pessimistic view of the rain, reminding her of failed love and other depressing things. For as long as he can remember, Cris has always had a recurring dream of jumping off a cliff. After a bitter fight, they finally decide to end their marriage.

Nix, a guy who prefers to be alone with his music falls for Pia, a rebel who fights for what she believes in. He tells the story of two orphaned siblings and their journey to overcoming poverty. After meeting again at an awards ceremony, a former couple discover they still have a connection.

Potpot, however, run away to find Bekikang, who he considers his family. She left for Japan, leaving her son to Fortunato. Sisters Mary Jane and Mary Anne find themselves at odds with each other over a groom-to-be. An all-too-real film on the country's current war on drugs, the film tackles the angle of the family members and community of addicts and pushers.

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Miguel is an old and jaded ex-convict and a former hired killer looking for his wife. As their paths cross again several years later, Bert has a hard time acknowledging that he is still in love with Elise.

When they meet the second time around, will she decide to open her heart again and give love a second chance? Bekikang soon found out that Natalie and Fortunato fell in love, and are already expecting a baby. The passenger ship Aurora mysteriously collides into the rocky sea threatening an entire island. It is helmed by critically-acclaimed director, Andoy Ranay under Viva Films. What worse is they want to get Potpot from Bekikang's custody.

Erika already had her heart broken the first time she met Tristan. Once upon a time, you were born. All these promises were left unfulfilled, so Bekikang had to work for Potpot's future. The Bonifacio siblings reunite when they find out their father is diagnosed with cancer.


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Chantel is a spoiled brat cursed to be a mermaid after she disturbed corals under the sea. An aspiring painter and a frustrated musician meet become instant friends but decided to end and leave everything as is just like complete strangers. But when it comes to love. They fall victim to the hardened locals until Oscar finds work with an armored car company. Veronica Velasco as Veronica A.

Until she meets the man of her dreams, a man that passes her standards, who she thinks will get her out of her awkward situation. Fortunato, on the other hand, met Natalia, a waitress at a local cafeteria.

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After several box-office flops, an independent filmmaker is encouraged to make a commercial romantic comedy that mirrors her own relationship. Will they give up on love or continue to make it last? In this new psychological horror-thriller from Tate Taylor and Blumhouse, a lonely woman befriends a group of teenagers and decides to let them party at her house.

Seven friends with different backgrounds face their respective problems to join a talent competition. Bert is quick-witted but an emotional guy who falls in love with Elise who is a strong and independent woman.

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Connie Macatuno as Connie S. The story of Raffy and Gela who find themselves taking off for Palawan to escape the not so great realities of their current lives and catch up on their respective me-time. Three souls vibe in the island off of northeastern Mindanao.

Four brothers, who are forced to leave their hometown after it is devastated by a super typhoon, struggle to bring music back into their lives. The Sanguiwon are responsible for the attire worn by royalty. Oscar flees from a life of poverty and moves with his family to Manila. When he wakes up he doesn't remember anything, including his gender orientation. Needing to go abroad and work for his family, Fortunato left Potpot to Bekikang with a promise of a monthly support.

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An expert Army sniper armed with his tactical knowledge and deadly skills, goes on a quest to protect his family from the man who masterminded the attempt on his life and his loved ones. It tells about the blossoming love story between two teens, Beth and Drei, one summer time in the picturesque city of Vigan. Throughout his four years in college, Fidel, a stuttering student, tries to finish poems dedicated to Stella, an aspiring but frustrated rock star, to win her heart. Sa Ngalan ng Ama, Ina, at mga Anak. In the process, they have to deal with unresolved issues among themselves before it's too late.

Arima Kousei won numerous piano competitions while under the strict watch of his mother. Watch Janella Salvador as she stars on her very first digital concert filled with good vibes! Calix is the chef of an upscale Filipino restaurant, who crosses path with Val, a food blogger and aspiring magazine editor. Aprilyn who is left by his groom on the day of their wedding becomes viral online. Out of boredom, youtube video to dvd converter three girls play with an inherited Ouija board that opens the doors of their lives to three spirits who have connected with them.

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When becoming members of the site, you could use the full range of functions and enjoy the most exciting films. After his wife seems to lose interest in him, a photographer travels to an exotic island where he meets a recently separated woman. Liza Soberano, Enrique Gil.

Ilawod is the story of a family's breakdown in the midst of a demonic attack. Days before graduation, two college best friends go on one last road trip where they settle how they really feel for each other. The film follows his journey of acceptance and love for his true self. Michelle Rhian Ramos is not one to let herself get hurt in love. They have reconciled and living a life of luxury.