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How to change Windows 7 language from English to Chinese

My motherboard information is attached. Enterprises can obtain language packs through their Microsoft Volume Licensing agreements.

There are a lot of driver finding apps out there, and I tried a few, but they're only free until you actually want to download the driver you need. Recovery disks are no longer available for this model.

Since you are using Acronis as a backup solution, there is no need to rebuild the Recovery partition. As I've said, I've tried for months. The next command will completely erase the disk, all the partitions and any data. Absolutely excellent site. My problem is, I have Acronis, but I'm not sure I can use it, given my experience above.

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Two Ways to Rescue our Files. And people kept telling me it was impossible to get any other language because I can't install it, but hey, here I am stuck with a Malaysian Laptop now. Working on the drivers now. Your email address will not be published.

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Suddenly the Bios settings changed. Chinese Toolbox is an advanced Chinese reading assistant for reading Chinese text.

How to change Windows 7 language from English to Chinese

Repair didn't work either. Can you write the exact problem you are getting, and at which part of the installation you are getting it? This is my Laptop information.

You will find the edition at the top right underneath Windows edition. By that time, it had deleted Windows. What the original poster was saying is they need to revert there windows back to what they started with. Free Chinese ebooks Chinese Characters. On the other hand, both Chinese languages are Language Packs, s o s rihanna which only install on Ultimate or Enterprise.

When I selected Install Now, I get a missing driver. We can add the product key now, but we can also add it later. Thank you for making these tutorials. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Proposed as answer by Andre.

Can you provide the model number for the laptop or for the desktop's motherboard? Office Office Exchange Server. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use.

Search the Bible in Chinese. If it's not broken, why do you want to fix it? You also made these easy enough for someone like me who only thinks they're tech savvy.

Im having difficulty finding a driver for my network adaptor. Thank you for your help, but I'm not giving up on this. Before we make any changes to the previous partitions, we need to make sure we have backed up any data on the partitions. The default option is usually the hard drive.

All Software Only Freeware. Deleting or formatting the partitions will destroy all the files inside. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread. There were only a few details that I had to look into or test out on my own.

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So, make sure there isn't anything you need from that disk and everything is backed up. If so, can you point me to a way to do that? If you do not have Enterprise or Ultimate edition, you won't be able to install language packs as Rick has mentioned. The Recovery partition was not helpful in problem resolution, so it may be corrupt.

We repeat until only the data partition remains, if there was one. My Welcome screen says Salatang or something. Having issues with loading, after the first reboot it kicks me back through the full installation process all over again. Anyways, I read on another website that if you download any language you get the option in Keyboard and Languages to install and uninstall a language.

He has also published a novel, but it would be, quite literally, all Greek to you. First we select a username and a computer name.

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Well, so far I am stuck with the Malay pack trying to get the Chinese one. Usually, the first one or two partitions - if there is a System Reserved Partition - belong to the previous installation. After we selected disk or partition, Windows installation is mostly automated. Glad you liked it, Rob, thank you for your feedback.

Superb step-by-step instructions. Also please don't tell me to look in Keyboard and Language, here is a screen shot of why I can't.

Server language pack can be obtained from the Microsoft Download Center. Experienced users might find it too descriptive for their taste.

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After my obvious panic there, I found a solution that I wanted to share. Mandarin Chinese English Pinyin translation education interpret understand dictionary popup lookup. After that, you can seach your motherboard on the manufacturer's website and download the ethernet drivers. If we had a previous Windows installation on the disk, it will show as one or more Windows partitions.